Tin Sets

Activate quickly

Paint recipes have been developed over several months. Paints have been made to activate quickly and produce saturated colour.

Vegan Paint

We used Gum Arabic, distilled water, vegetable glycerine and clove oil to make our very own vegan binder.

Unique Colours

Pigments are combined to produce unique colours. Our shimmer paints are available in a wide range of colours.

Beyond exquisite!

these paints are beyond exquisite, they are even more shimmery in person. I had a decent play with most of them and it didn't even make a dent in the half pans so I can see myself getting a lot of use out of them. I loved how they were all individually wrapped, was like a whole lot of presents for myself. Connie’s customer service was also brilliant, very friendly. You will not be disappointed if you order.

Nissa James

High Quality Paint

I've been so impressed with the quality of these beautiful paints! The pans are really full and activate right away with just a touch of water! The intense colour is really impressive and smooth and easy to paint with. I love combining them with other non shimmer paints too to experiment with, they really add such an interesting dimension to my artwork. I'm really impressed with the range of colours too, I've not found such a huge range of colour options in shimmer paints before, which means I can use them in all aspects of my artwork, not just gold and silver as I did previously.


Simply fantastic

These paints are absolutely fantastic. 
The pans are topped right up, so there’s plenty of shimmery goodness that will last no doubt for ages. The paints themselves activate easily and are high in pigment. The quality is seriously high. Add to all that amazing customer service, beautiful packaging, reasonable postage cost and speed - to put it simply, great stuff, highly recommended


Absolutely gorgeous!

Shimmer drops is becoming one of my favorite and go to paints. I was so excited for the legendary set and it does not disappoint! Just like all the other paints produced, the paints activate quickly and the color payload is amazing. So vibrant! The pans will last a long time as you don't have to use much to achieve your goal. The dual chrome quality is incredible. Just opening the tin I got so excited as there were swatch stripes on each pan tag. 110% worth every penny! Thank you for making such a fantastic product!

Lauren U

Just so IN LOVE

I am just so in love with these pigments! So much careful detail to color intensity, quality, sheen and masterfully crafted with love. I feel eternally grateful to have the opportunity to work with these special paints! <3

Leah Shanker

Absolutely gorgeous!

The Night Gems set of six colour-shift half pans are so pretty! I'm enjoying moving the swatches back and forth to see the gorgeous changes; I've recently swatched them on black Stonehenge watercolour paper. They're very easy to re-wet and use. They're going to add a delightful element to my watercolour artwork, journal, and cards. Fast shipping, pretty packaging and a free dot card really added to the whole experience. Thank you! :)

Anne L

Amazing Hand Made Paints

Amazing handmade paints that are loaded with pigment. A tiny bit goes such a long way. The colours are gorgeously vibrant. i want them all. 😍

Amanda K


Your incredibly beautiful paint- is extraordinary! The feel, like an otherworldly velvet. The flow, the saturation = superior.

Tosca T

Buy some, you won’t be sorry

Have recently bought 2 tins. Set my alarm to get the mythical tin range. These paints are just sublime and so very beautiful. So pleased they are Australian made. Really lovely Connie ❤️❤️❤️ Buy some, you won’t be sorry. 🦄🦄




Artist Quality