About Us

 About Shimmer Drops Paint

Our paint is all lovingly hand made in Melbourne Australia. Each paint is packed with pigment to ensure rich colour saturation when painting. We make our own vegan binder using Gum Arabic, distilled water, vegetable glycerine and clove oil.

Each paint is hand mulled and takes between two and four hours or more to make, depending on the pigment. Recipes have taken months to perfect. Every half pan is filled multiple times to ensure it is filled to is maximum capacity and we tap out bubbles over several hours to eliminate air pockets as much as possible.

Our paint is all hand mixed and mulled. Each batch is measured carefully before mixing however due to the nature of hand mixing there may be slight variations in colour between batches.

Each paint is made with different amounts of pigment and binder, recipes have taken months to perfect. The end result is that some paints may be tacky to the touch while others will be firm and dry, either way this does not affect the paint quality. It's simply the nature of handmade paint.


Important Information

  • Shimmer Drops Paint is intended for adult use only.
  • Do not ingest or apply on body.
  • Keep away from Pets and Children. 
  • Paint should be stored in a cool and dry environment.
  • Safe painting techniques should be use as with any paint, wear protective clothing as some pigments may stain fabric and some surfaces.



What is half Pan? 

A half pan is a standard size pot used by many watercolour manufacturers. Each half pan holds solid dry paint that will activate when a drop of water is added. Our half pans a larger than the average size at 1.8mil

Are your paints artist quality?

Yes our paints have been made using lots of pigment and less filler to ensure optimum colour.  We use professional grade pigments and ingredients.

What are your paint made of?

The Ingredients in our paints are pigment, gum arabic, distilled water, glycerine (vegetable derived) and clove oil.

Are your paints lightfast?

Currently we are doing testing to check the lightfastness of each colour. But as our little business is new we have not had enough time to properly test paints sitting in the sun over a long period of time. So as we test each colour we will update you on lightfastness in the months to come.

Are your paints Vegan?

Yes we use vegetable derived glycerine and no animal products.

Are your paints non toxic?

No. Our paints have not been rated non toxic by any organization, they are to be used as intended, as watercolour paints only.

How do I use your paint?

To use these paints you start by putting a drop of water on top of the paint in the pan. Allow it to sit for a few seconds, this will activate the paint. When the paint has been softened by the water you can them dip your wet brush into the paint and begin creating. 

What should I use your paint on?

The best material to use our watercolours on is watercolour paper. Watercolour paper is very durable, stable and shouldn't distort or buckle under heavy washes. 

Why do your paints have different prices?

The price of each paint is dependant on the price of the pigment used to create that colour.


Privacy Policy

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Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

We do not accept returns, exchanges or offer refunds if you change your mind. This includes lost or stolen items or any issues associated with shipping outside of out control. If you have any problems with you order please contact us at hello@shimmerdrospaint.com.


Pre Orders

Please note that any purchase that includes one or more pre ordered items will be sent together when all the items become available. This includes any items that are currently in stock. This is due to only paying for one lot of shipping at checkout.

Pre orders have been capped to a limited number. This is due to the limited amount of paint I am able to make with each batch. If you have missed out on pre ordering the paint you want. Please sign up to my newsletter this will inform you on release dates, which colours will be included and much more. 


Air Bubbles

The process of making paint by hand inevitably puts bubbles into the mixture. When pouring the paint, I tap out and pop air bubbles as they come to the surface over several hours of the drying process. This however does not eliminate all bubbles, this is why shimmer drops paint is filled over and above the pan edge. If you find any particularly large bubbles in your pan please contact me via email. 


Unwrapping your paint

When you receive your paint, please put your paint in the fridge of freezer before unwrapping each half pan. This will stop the wrapper from sticking to the paint when you unwrap it. If you unwrap your paint and some of the foil wrapper is still stuck to the paint just put it in the freezer for a few minutes, this will help the wrapped detach from the paint.


Customs And Import Taxes

Please note that buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Please make sure you are familiar with any potential fees your country charges when importing goods from overseas. Orders will not be refunded if they are returned to us due to customers not paying their customs and import fees.


UK VAT Delivered At Place (DAP)

When purchasing for Shimmer drops paints UK customers please be aware that Shimmer Drops Paint only takes responsibility for shipping the product, and requires the customer to pay any import costs, such as VAT, duties, and clearing fees. Products will be shipped delivered duty unpaid (DDU) also know as Delivered At Place (DAP).

Owner Connie

As a artist and art teacher I have made my own paint for several years. I enjoy the process and the ability to create new and exciting colours. Making my own paint has enable me to make colour rich paint, using the maximum amount of pigment possible in each half pan. Making these paints is a labor of love, I enjoy creating new and exciting colours and watching them go out into the world to become beautiful artwork. Thank you for supporting my work and allowing me to continue to create beautiful paint.

Happy Painting