Lia de Lyon


Lia lives in the United States and comes from a diverse etchnic background including Hispanic/Latino. She is a self taught artist who works in a variety of mediums but mainly in watercolour and digital art. You can find her selling her artwork at large music festivals throughout Pittsburgh in the United States and has an online store.  Her Hippie Spooky style has fun, funky, colourful and floral themes. She often incorporates skeletons, ghosts, and things sort of Witchy in her artwork. Her stickers and art prints are quickly growing in popularity and she hope to someday own a brick and mortar store to sell her artwork from.



While creating this piece, I wanted to capture the look and shine that a beautiful Cardinal’s feathers have in real life. Using Shimmer Drops paint allowed me to add a dimension that I would not otherwise be able to achieve using standard watercolors. The feathers in this piece now feel like the flash of color you see as a bird flies by I did this using the color Red Flair. Additionally, I was able to create an eye-catching element using the metallic paints to create a bright and lively nature look, with leaves shimmering in the background! I used the colours Mermaid and Forest to create the background and leaves of the piece, I subtly blended the colors to be in places that would create a harmonious balance while simultaneously attracting the viewer’s eye. Shimmer Drops paints always allow me to add a new dynamic focal point to each painting I make, leaving my customers astounded each time! I’m excited to see the masterpieces I will create in the future using these beautiful, highly-pigmented metallic paints!